Combilock, the company behind the logo-darker innovation, could be considered a startup – but with a twist. Our engineering team is powerhouse in the field. And our management has over 30-years experience in the field. We like to think of ourselves as having the right balance of fresh innovation and seasoned experience and expertise.

It’s about time that home locking solutions got smarter. And more convenient, and more secure. logo-darker isn’t just about keyless operation, its about giving you control over access to your home or office. Complete control, from anywhere and whenever you need it.

A patented solution, logo-darker’s unique code handle and button can create up to 4 billion potential lock combinations, making it virtually impossible for anyone to ‘guess’ their way into your home. While the basic set is a complete solution including an emergency back-up key, you’ll also have a range of additional access options to choose from that provide more convenience, functionality and address your specific needs.

Here’s what smart, convenient logo-darker locking gives you:

Heighten Security – you can change the code on your logo-darker as often as you’d like. And our remote access options allow you to remotely unlock your door for guests or domestic help, only when you want or need to. Again, no keys to your home floating around.

Easy Installation logo-darker is a wireless DIY solution, operated with long-life batteries so no power source needed. And fits almost any door with no modifications needed – just retrofit the door’s cylinder

Anti-Intrusion Protection pick, bump and drill resistant. Furthermore, the cylinder has been designed to break at a point which makes access impossible.

Secure Communication encrypted communication almost eliminates the risk of hacking attempts  

Smart Convenience on many levels, from its battery-operated power source and through to the advanced functionality available via the GSM remote control device and smartphone app.

Increased Safety via a panic button that can be used during an emergency, and the ability to connect logo-darker to other devices including security systems and alarms

Easy-to-Use from installation, everyday operation, programming and adding new credentials and accessories, logo-darker is designed for simplicity.

Cost-Effective saves you on key duplication, re-keying in the event of lost or stolen keys, or having to be or come home to provide access


logo-darker gives you a range of operating options – code, touchpad, fingerprint, smartphone app, GSM remote control – giving you complete, secure access control over your home or office. You’ll even be able to unlock your door remotely.

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