logo-darker combines the best of mechanical and digital technologies. With it, you get the strength of a robust, secure locking system and all the convenience that digital technology provides. Now you can conveniently control access to your home or office, without ever compromising on security.

logo-darker – SMART SECURITY

There’s nothing that will stand between you and access to your home. Keyless operation means forgotten, lost or stolen keys will no longer create frustration, fear or inconvenience. So make your home security smarter with logo-darker. And you’ll be able to control who comes in and when, and never have to worry about it again.

ukey_system-1logo-darker CYLINDER SET

logo-darker gives you a range of operating options – code, touchpad, fingerprint, smartphone app, GSM remote control – giving you complete, secure access control over your home or office. You’ll even be able to unlock your door remotely.



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