General FAQ

What makes UKEY unique from other electronic keyless solutions?

With UKEY, you only replace your existing cylinder – not your lock or door handle. Only UKEY is able to work independently without the need for additional devices. Together with that, you can add additional accessories to operate and access UKEY – Apps, Fingerprint Reader, GSM, Remote, Keypad – for more convenience and functionality.

Is UKEY compatible with all doors and locks?

UKEY can be easily installed on any door with a similar cylinder profile, commonly known as a Euro Profile.

I’m not very technically savvy, can I still install and program UKEY on my own?

Yes. Simple dismantle the old cylinder and install the new UKEY cylinder using the Phillips screwdriver and Allen key provided with the UKEY kit. Setup and operation is simple and clearly explained in the assembly instructions that come with the kit. Installation and assembly videos on the website are available for more clear and detailed guidance. Programming UKEY is also simple and intuitive.

Is UKEY a high security lock?

Yes. The cylinder is protected by anti-intrusion blocking pins which makes it difficult to tamper with or break. Moreover, it is almost impossible to decipher or duplicate your code with over 4 billion possibilities. By adding letters and clicks to your code, you increase security.

I’ve already installed a UKEY cylinder, can I now add additional accessories such as the Bluetooth Keypad?

Yes. The basic UKEY kit is compatible with all UKEY accessories, which can be easily added at any time.

I have two cylinders on my door for additional reinforcement. Can I use the same code for both cylinders?

Yes. You can use two UKEY  cylinders and program them with the same code. For added security, you can also program each with a different code.

Is UKEY also suitable for offices?

Yes, absolutely. UKEY is ideal for offices, apartment buildings as well as private residences. UKEY can also be fitted with a master key system in offices or apartment buildings for added convenience.

Where can I purchase replacement batteries?

You’ll find them at any store that sells electronics, DIY and hardware stores. Additionally, you’ll be able to find them at many supermarkets.


logo-darker gives you a range of operating options – code, touchpad, fingerprint, smartphone app, GSM remote control – giving you complete, secure access control over your home or office. You’ll even be able to unlock your door remotely.

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